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How can I purchase a property at The Motorcity?

Even if you are not the resident of Pakistan, still you can easily purchase a property at Motorcity.

You can reach use via emailing at or you can simply call us at our Toll Free Number UAN: 021-111 333 333
You can also reserve a Villa/Plot by filling an online form and paying a reservation fee.
Online Form:

What are the acceptable modes of payment?

Overseas customers can use any of the following methods to make the payment.

  • Cash/Cheque
  • By Exchange
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Easy Paisa

Does The Motorcity offer amenities for residents?

Motorcity aims to provide the best experience to its customers. Therefore Motorcity will offer every facility that can further enhance your living experience.
The project offers the following facilities:

  • Air Conditioned Mosque
  • State of the Art Conference Centers
  • Family Parks & Recreational Activities
  • Fully Equipped Hospitals
  • Modern Schools

What is the theme of The Motorcity?

The design of Motorcity is inspired from the race track, as here we celebrate modern man’s fascination with sports. Motorcity delivers constructional fitness with a thrill of sports and it includes:

  • Race Track
  • Go Karting
  • 3D/4D Cinema
  • Gaming Arena

Is The Motorcity a secure place to live?

It is the most secure place to live in Pakistan!

Yes, we not only claim this but we also prove it. Our security force is diverse and it is mobilized through mobile vans. We have checkpoints at the entry and exit points with CCTV Cameras. Our security personnel is trained and well- equipped with modern communication and deterrence weaponry for your service and protection.

How long will it take to complete the project and start allotment of the Villas/Plots?

Once you have registered for a Villa or Plot it will then take 36 months for the allotment of the Villa or Plot. However, our construction teams are working on the project and we are right on the track with strictly following the timelines. Thus, the Project will be completed by [date]

Community Backup Plan?

Electricity Backup Within Community Facilities

Where is it actually located on the Map in Karachi City?

The Motorcity is located near Dreamworld Resort and Taiser Town. Without any doubt it is at an ideal location, surrounded by A-Habib Restaurant, Fruit Market and Toyota Showroom.

If a property owner’s details change, how can they be updated?

If the owner wants to change or update any information he/she must send a written request to update the details. Our customer service representative will update the records.

What happens if an installment is paid after the due date?

We encourage timely payment by customers, so the project gets completed on time. Therefore in case of late payments, a delay fee is charged until the payment is made. The fee is calculated from the last due date for the payment. Kindly refer to the inverse of your application form for the complete rules and regulations for the respective projects.

How does The Motorcity ensures quality level of large-scale development work?

The Motorcity has a Quality Control Department to ensure that the quality of work conforms to the exacting standards of The Motorcity. The raw materials used in the construction and finishing are subjected to the strict quality tests. The quality control teams monitor the development progress at all stage; from inception to handover.

What are the development options available with The Motorcity?

The Motorcity offers developments across a wide range of development categories namely residential, commercial and leisure. For more details call at our toll free number 0800-63666.

Does The Motorcity develops its own properties?

The Motorcity Development Team comprises of highly experienced construction, materials, logistics, warehousing and construction support engineers and project managers. This core team engages and monitors the performance and delivery of the popular construction companies that are working for The Motorcity’s projects. The list of such companies include renowned names such as Driven, LEED, CPMC, Aberdeen.

Will The Motorcity maintains its projects even after completion and handing over to buyers?

Yes, the Motorcity Maintenance and Resident Support Department is dedicated to upkeep and add further value to the existing infrastructure.

What type of homes does The Motorcity Sells?

The Motorcity provides access to a wide range of town planning, architectural design & layout preferences in Luxury, Regular and Economic housing solutions and land unit options. View our website for detailed information. You may also contact us for sales availability at