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Motor City’s finest amenities lie in engaging people through physical recreational activities. Ultra-modern gaming arena devised from modern architectural design packed with best-in-class equipment in the perfect atmosphere. Cutting-edge technology for all the contemporary games will drive an engaging yet exhilarating experience for you at Motor City.


Go Karting can be never be more exciting and fun as offered by The Motorcity, a state-of-the art track for this exciting activity is going to be developed as per the international standards for car enthusiasts and speed lovers. You will be experiencing Go Karting and a thrilling ride at The Motorcity on a high-end track. Accelerate yourself for a futuristic experience and gain your momentum for Karachi’s biggest mega-project.


Sports involves enthusiasm and heart-spirit. Playing with value that drive sport-men or sport’s enthusiasts, this project felt the need to curate sports complexes seasoned with luxury infrastructure. From action-packed gym equipment to swimming pool areas to tennis courts to badminton courts and various other sports-entertaining areas, this complex entails the afore-mentioned features topped with cutting-edge technology.


The city that never sleeps Is the city that delivers magic! One of the many amenities here at Motor City have vowed to deliver you an inspiring and thrilling experience of gaming and other recreational activities. Let the games begin with Motor City’s Fun City/Magic Planet.


Every little detail, when paid careful attention to, leads to perfection. When collaborating futuristic ideas with the brain-child of the designer, a state-of-the-art work is born. Showrooms are the father of any automobile company.


The competitive edge of The Motorcity Project is not only the look and feel of automotive industry but the salient features also includes buying and selling of Vintage Car Dealers. The admirer of historic and antique cars will be able to live their past once again by choosing from a large and historical collection of rides.